Kisses at the End of the Tunnel addresses my personal experiences of alienation from LGBT histories. The work has been made under the assumption that limited access to these histories restricts the empowerment of LGBTQ communities today. Kisses attempts to open a passage to LGBT pasts through constructed portals and archivally-sourced re-fabricated objects.

Soak and Stain Removals

Toilet bowl detergent and bleach on canvas

Kisses at the End of the Tunnel

Stained plastic, wood, fresh flowers

Tile Floor, Scrubbed Hard

Painted plywood relief

Memory Crack

Steel, plexiglass, motor oil

Beam Me Around

Steel, aluminum, foil, fluorescent lights, motor

Galaxy Towel

Steel, computer-generated digital print on silk

Raised Floor Segment

Steel, frosted plexiglass, fabric, lights

Untitled (Pink Narcissus)

Video loop on vertically-installed monitor


Three Standard Tissues

Tissues, wood, plexiglass